Thursday, October 17, 2019

Out of the Blue

Black and White Rough Sketch Concept No. 6
Full Color Illustration placed into InDesign Layout
A few more tweaks after gathering feedback from various forest service grassland experts, tribal nations, etc.
You know that expression, "out of the blue," when something unexpected happens? Well, that's how I felt about getting this U.S. Forest Service Poster commission. Much of my illustrations are for children's picture books, but recently I've been working on editorial projects which has been a nice, unexpected change.

Note Card Illustration for Colorado Country Life Magazine
Every so often I hear from one of my favorite clients, Colorado Country Life Magazine. We've been working together on several illustrations for seasonal themed note cards. One of them is the scarecrow illustration above. This time they asked if I could work on illustrations for the magazine! Absolutely, I loved illustrating the cover and interior art for Martin Mulcahey's legendary tales of buried treasures. Here's October's Magazine.

Front and Back Cover Wrap for What's This Tail Saying?
 And I'm excited about a new book coming out Spring 2020. What's This Tail Saying? is by Carolyn Combs and published by Dawn Publications.
Interior Illustration for What's This Tail Saying?
Illustrator interviews
Last but not least, I got to participate in two illustrator interviews.

Alex Ballou, Marketing Assistant for Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and I sat down over coffee to talk about volunteering, illustration, and life. Here's the link to the interview for National Book Lovers Day. When somebody buys me a cup of coffee I'll go on and on.

One more interview, this time for Voyage Denver, a magazine celebrating artists and unique mom and pop shops in the creative field. Here's the link for that interview.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. You can click on the links for more information and the images to get a larger view, especially on the US Forest Service Poster which is BIG - 32"x 19"!
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