Monday, May 21, 2018

By the Light of the Moon

Looking out at White Pine Mountain, the Mummy Range and Poudre Canyon
I'm an early bird. One reason is the majority of my clients are on Eastern time, two hours ahead, so I feel a need to get on with my day. The other reason is that it's such a peaceful, solitary start of the day, just me and my fifth cup of coffee around this time of the morning.

To quote darling, "Life is Gouda!"
Above is a new and very fun project that I just completed for darling in NYC. This illustration was a little different for me. The art director and her team were actually darling to work with. I did the illustration and the agency handled the design.
Watch how a cheese label gets attached to a gouda wheel.
Below are illustrations from a variety of books in the works...
Gardener Girl (working title)
I Spy Blackberry Pie
The Tiny Giant (above and below images)

Mission Earth's SummerFest coming to Fort Collins this summer!
SummerFest 2018 focuses on climate change and it's impact on our planet by bringing together music, the visual arts and science for a month of concerts, lectures, film, art exhibits and STEAM-based educational events. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for taking a look. Tap on the images for a larger view or to follow a link with more information. And if you're an art director/editor, please send work!

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