Thursday, March 8, 2018

One Thing Leads To Another

March 16, 17, and 18 welcomes the first annual Children's Festival of Stories at McNichols Civic Center! This has been a long time coming. 
Children's Festival of Stories
Just to back up and give you a little history, I've lived in Colorado since 1980. After moving to Denver I set up shop as Big Chief Graphics in the WestArt Building (formerly the Colorado Institute of Art in the Golden Triangle on 7th and Broadway). We had a mix of photographers, designers, animators and fine artists. Here I reconnected with Hallie Roberts from our days as art majors at East Texas State University and she repped me, Peter Hoey, David Uhl, Kirk Worden and Randy Nelsen.
That's me on the far left, I know because I can still remember that sweater
Some of our art teachers at ETSU
Lee Baxter Davis's printmaking class, mid 70's
Here are a couple of photos from our days together at ETSU. Top photo includes a handful of our instructors. The second shows one of Lee Davis' printmaking classes. The kid holding another kid on his shoulders is Gary Panter. Yes, I'm totally name dropping here.

So what I'm trying to explain is that I've lived in Denver a long time, through boom and bust years. I've been to amazing book festivals in other states and always wondered why not here? Denver is such a creative, book loving community able to support many independent book stores. I believe the time has come and hope to see lots of family and friends, old and new, turn out to support this effort! 

Here's a list of the local authors and illustrators who will be presenting. Please drop by and say hello. 

One of my "works in progress"...
Thank you Sarah Azibo and all the wonderful, hard working folks at Second Star from the Right Bookstore for creating this festival and making it a reality.
Thanks to all the community partners and sponsors!

And thanks to you for taking a look.
You can click on the images for more information or a larger view.
Back to work I go.

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