Sunday, June 25, 2017

We all have a story to tell

We all have a story to tell. Where Women Create BUSINESS gives us that opportunity. The magazine focuses on women entrepreneurs who have an arts based business. This is Jo Packham's third magazine in the Where Women Create series for Stampington & Company. It's so nice to have this supportive format to share our successes and failures and talk about what it's like to create a working world that's unique to each of us. Here's my story about being a children's book illustrator passionate about science, nature, and the environment.
Where Women Create Business Summer 2017 • Click on the above image for the full article.
Thank you Jo Packham, Brandy Shay, Kacey Holmstead, and Amber Demien with Where Women Create BUSINESS Magazine. Thanks to Desiree Suchy for the very fun photo shoot! Also, I want to thank the folks at The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for letting us do part of the photo shoot there. Everybody was wonderful to work with and it's a big honor to be a part of the magazine.

Pocket Science Cover Concept 1
Pocket Science Cover Concept 2
One picture book project, If The Mummy Could Talk, got pushed forward a season which opened up a block of creative space for me. I have a few books in various stages of writing, illustrating and submitting and I wanted to give you a peek at Pocket Science. The story is fluid, revising each day. I go back and forth between writing, editing and storyboarding, but for some reason the cover image keeps popping up in my mind. Above are two possible covers, or maybe end pages - who knows? At this point they can completely change. Concept one is pretty straight forward. Concept two is a cover wrap. We'll see how things evolve as I continue to write. Do you prefer one look over another?

After almost ten years, seventeen illustrated trade picture books, one historical fiction chapter book, numerous book covers, many power point presentations, several educational picture books, around 800 spot illustrations, my original Wacom Cintiq 21UX bit the dust. It's nice to have a new touch screen Cintiq and back to work I go.

Thanks for taking a look! You can click on each image for a more detailed look and further information.

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