Friday, September 9, 2016

Bye bye "Baby on Board", off to the printers you go!

I've turned in my illustrations and revisions for Baby on Board. Now I get to see what Patty Arnold of Menagerie Design and Publishing comes up with for the design and layout. She'll make the words and art come together and shine.

I've read one book endorsement which goes on the back cover... "Beautiful in imagery and rich in text, this book is bound to delight and inform readers of all ages. Especially refreshing is that dads are included as primary caregivers in this book! A wonderfully comforting message of connectedness among the world’s creatures shines through--big or small, fierce or cuddly, we all care for our young."
-- Dr. Mary Benson McMullen, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

The story starts and ends with people, but in between you'll find various baby mammals, birds, reptiles and arachnids. It's fun to see the book developing and evolving, almost like raising a baby to be sent out into the world.
Copyright page and beginning of the story, page 3
One of my favorite parts of illustrating children's books is after the artwork is turned in. I create free downloadable activities to tie in with the book. I'm not so interested in research, consistency and creative integrity as I am in making something work that 3 - 8 year olds will be able to create and enjoy. I want to challenge them, but not frustrate them, know what I mean?
Baby on Board Floaty Sea Otter Craft
Child-tested by my seven year old grandson!
Not only does the otter float, but also sticks to the side of the bath tub = Awesome kid fun!
Here's some adorable otter pups you can watch while making your craft and waiting for the book release. And more at Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sea Otter Cam. Last, but not least are these incredible Sea Otter Cupcakes. No otters were harmed in the making of these yummy treats!

Below is another craft, less steps, but potentially much, much, messier - BEWARE!
Baby on Board's Very Messy Penguin Footprint Craft
Kangaroo pouch craft, lion coloring page, lots of fun animal activities to make
We're working on a couple of more activities to go along with more animals in Baby On Board. Not every activity we experiment with makes the cut, but you get the idea.
Experimental headpiece activity? Don't think so...
Thanks as always for taking a look!