Friday, July 1, 2016

Storytime in the Dome

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
I'm a volunteer at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins. Volunteering there always brings new experiences, plus it's fun. On opening day I was behind the cash register in the gift shop. I work with the educational department greeting school groups on field trips. Last fall I helped with garden maintenance, pulling weeds and pruning plants. One of my favorite things is being a docent in their Historical Heritage Courtyard program.  

Storytime in the Dome at
This month I am totally excited and honored to kick off Storytime in the Dome. This opportunity began in a brain storming session when they were opening the new Tot Spot exhibit. Here is the software program they are using to create the big interactive picture book we'll be reading and discussing. The event will begin with the kids creating an art project that relates to the book, a nature pendent. Then we'll head upstairs to the digital dome where we'll read and talk about The Prairie That Nature Built. I want this program to succeed so we can bring a lot more books to life and get more book creators involved.
Thank you to whoever took this photo!
And I want to report that our first ever "Storytime in the Dome" was amazing. As we were preparing and rehearsing for this event I'd ask how ticket sales were doing. A couple of weeks ago 10 sold, then 37, then the morning of the event I heard 55 tickets had sold. As we were getting the materials together for the art project and passing them out people continued to stream in. We actually sold out all the seats which equalled a dome-full of 80 plus kids and their folks. It was great to see families excited about this and I'm very encouraged.

Thanks to Sarah, the early childhood lead for working super hard to make this a success, along with Ben, who created the digital show, Jason, the museum director who brainstormed the event and kept us all enthused and on track, to Amy for creating a great display and book signing area in the gift shop and especially thanks to Holly who really believed in me and this book. Did I mention I love being a volunteer at the museum?

Red Feather Lakes Community Library
On the same day as "Storytime in the Dome" I have an afternoon presentation at the Red Feather Lakes Community Library where we'll talk about illustrating creative nonfiction children's books. This is part of their Summer Reading Program. It will be a day of more talking, less drawing which makes me a little nervous with four book deadlines looming this summer! Here's a photo of the exterior of the library where they're putting in new landscaping. It already looks great. Flowers sooth my extreme deadline anxiety.

And just so you know I'm really working, here's the Common Loon illustration from Baby on Board.

The little loon's thick feathers hold body heat inside, So it can climb on Mama's back as they go for a ride.

Thanks for taking a look!

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