Sunday, May 1, 2016

Let's Celebrate Spring with Book Bar and Lalu!

Celebration of Spring!
After a cold, snowy April I am so ready to celebrate SPRING! I love Book Bar and Lalu! I wish they had been around when my kids were little because this is a much appreciated concept. Kids will have a great time, listening to a story, creating art on the back patio and munching down on yummy snacks while their adults kick back with a glass of wine, enjoy conversation and the beautiful day. What could be better? Well, 1/2 price wine and kids' meals, which makes life about perfect.

A whole lot of artistic, book loving kids!
Here's some photos of the book event at Bookbar with Julie from Lalu. We had a great time!

I need to get back to drawing, drawing, drawing so I can take a break to celebrate spring on May 19. I hope you'll join us. In the meantime here's a couple of new paintings for Baby on Board.

What animal doesn't have teeth?
It rides upon her bristly back while she digs insects up.
Here's an anteater mom along with her baby. The baby is well camouflaged, blending right into his mom's bristly fur as he rides on her back.

Animals that don't have teeth are called edentate animals. Anteaters don't need teeth with their long tongues which they use to swallow around 35,000 termites and ants, their daily meal.

What animal wins the "Awesome Dad Award?"
The father warms it with his feet; how can this really be?
The Emperor Penguin is a devoted dad. After the mom lays her egg she journeys into the ocean to replenish herself for a couple of months eating fish, squid and krill. During this time the father is in charge of the egg, carefully holding it between the tops of his feet and his brooding pouch. Antarctica is so cold that the chick would die without the warmth of the parent's pouch.

And below is a video I stumbled upon while researching Emperor Penguins. It features LaLa, a King Penguin, also from Antarctica. He was found trapped in a fisherman's net with an injured beak and wing. The fisherman took him to the Nishimoto family who nursed him back to health. LaLa bonded with the family and refused to leave so they built him a refrigerated room under their house. Daily he would accompany Nishimoto to the fish market and eventually he began making the trip on his own.

Here's LaLa, the King Penguin, not to be confused with Lalu, the Art Studio...

Please check back for more illustrations and updates. If you're in the Denver area please drop by for our Springtime Celebration at Book Bar with Lalu!
Thanks for taking a look!

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