Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sneak peek at Spring 2016 Titles

Over on the Farm cover
So they galloped in a field where the corn plants thrive.
"Waddle, " said the mother.
"Roll," said the mother.  "We roll," said the ten.
 It's always fun to get the first look at pdfs from a book I illustrated after the designer has finessed the layout with type and design. It's also fun to work on a book for very little kids that rhymes, can be sung, is a counting book and has a surprise rooster ending. This will be the fourth book Marianne Berkes and I have done together and my fourth book for Dawn Publishing as well. Over on the Farm comes out spring 2016.

I'm working on a second book that will come out the exact same day, so here's a few images from that book as well. The working title is Wild Ones: Critters in the City. The author, Carol Malnor has several nature books for kids and I love her story about animals living among us.  I'll post more details in a bit.
He darts off to investigate.
Always curious about what he might discover, Scooter follows the bird.
Meanwhile, while Scooter is discovering city critters, his family is looking for him.
He wanders over to check it out.
Please click on the images for a larger view. And as always, thanks for taking a look!

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