Friday, November 7, 2014

Every fall Colorado Country Life Magazine features local authors and illustrators. This year they featured The Prairie That Nature Built's Augmented Reality (AR) app under Discoveries. This is a freebie pop-up app that is included with the printed book. After downloading the app onto your tablet or smart phone you view the printed book which makes the characters dramatically spring to life - the owl swoops, the mouse runs, the foxes lunge and prairie dogs hide. Meanwhile a narrator reads the story aloud. This is not your grandfather's app!

The folks at the magazine created a very cool video explaining how this works. It's so great to live in such a supportive community. Thank you Colorado Country Life!
Colorado Country Life November 2014

And Dawn Publishing just created a separate game/book app that supports the book as well. You can buy it or find more information about it here on Dawn's website.

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