Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dreams of dino treasures and life on the prairie

Here's my four legged office assistant and security system, Crowley, who always goes with me to check the mail. This day we received advanced reading copies and marketing materials for The Prairie That Nature Built and Dino Treasures. Crowley posed for a few of the illustrations in Prairie so he was excited then relieved when some good reviews starting coming out. He was so relieved that it was time for a nap.

Here are some early reviews from Prairie on Dawn Publishing's website and an article by Lindsey R. McKissick on 5280 Magazine's Bookshelf. You can also find fun ideas and activities that tie in with the book here. And look for a game app coming out soon.

Crowley dreaming of digging for dino bone treasures and his life on the prairie
Dino Treasures hasn't been released just yet, but has gotten a nice review and recommendation from The National Science Teacher's Association, NSTA Recommends.

And here's 303 Magazine's illustrator interview by Wendy Pitton. Sometimes when I tell folks that I'm a children's book illustrator I get funny looks. So it's always extra special to get local support from Colorado media. Makes me feel more legit!

First look at Pitter and Patter's cover
I just got a look at the cover and interior spreads for Pitter and Patter by Martha Sullivan, a wonderful writer. This comes out March 1, 2015 and we're collaborating with Dawn Publications on another book now. Also, here's the first review by Kirkus and they like it!

Wishing for snow
And hopefully you're familiar with Debbie Glade's blog, Smart Books for Smart Kids. She's pretty amazing; hosts numerous book give-aways, tips on raising a reader, focuses on science education, much more than I tell you here. I was fortunate to talk with her and she did an illustrator interview that focuses on my work process (yes, I work digitally, but it really does take more than just pushing a button and BAM!, out pops a prairie owl), a view of my home studio and more that you can find here.

Finally, I've updated my SCBWI Illustrator Gallery with some new work. Thanks for taking a look!

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