Saturday, October 13, 2012

Show and tell for this working girl!

DinoTracks, Colorado Foundation of Agriculture Workbook and Apps, Gardener Girl
I start feeling guilty when I don't post on my blog for over six weeks. Not that anybody cares except for me, but I hate to appear a slacker.

So here's what I'm currently working on.... illustrations for my fourth Sylvan Dell Publishing picture book, Dino Tracks by the amazing, Rhonda Lucas Donald, 100+ spot illustrations for Bette Blinde (who is also a Livermore, Colorado resident! I don't get many of those as you can imagine), with the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture, illustrating the Understanding Water Activity Book and Apps, and last but not least, my own story, Gardener Girl that I'm writing as well as illustrating. We'll just have to wait to see if that one sees the light of day, but so far so good.

OK,  I don't feel like such a slacker now that I've validated myself. Back to work I go! See you in another six weeks or so....