Monday, August 20, 2012

Dino Tracks by Rhonda Lucas Donald

I'm drawing dinosaurs. Here's the cover and I'm revising interior spreads to get vetted before going to final artwork. It involves lots of research which is one of my favorite things to do. So this will keep me busy through the end of this year and beyond. I feel like I've drawn about everything there is to draw, but this is a first for me. 
Dino Tracks, by Rhonda Lucas Donald, illustrated by Cathy Morrison
And the focus is on the tracks - we follow dinosaur tracks around the world. They leave clues for today's scientists and our future scientists to discover all kinds of things about these ancient creatures. The author, Rhonda Lucas Donald  tells the story in rhyme and it can be sung to Over the River and Through the Woods which makes it a lot of fun. Another Sylvan Dell Publishing project, coming fall 2013!


gallerydarrow said...

Wonderful AND the background, congratulations Cathy. I'm sure this will inspire young paleontologists everywhere!

I bet the research is fun too!!

Best wishes, Rochelle

Cathy Morrison said...

Hi Rochelle,

I appreciate your nice comments. Dinosaurs were pretty amazing, the research is a lot of fun.