Saturday, January 22, 2011

Animalogy's original and revised cover

Here's a behind-the-scenes-look at the development of a book cover. The first cover was considered too hard to read from a distance by the marketing folks at Sylvan Dell Publishing. Normally when I hear the marketing department wants changes all sorts of red flags go up. But I really trust this publisher, they just know how to do things right so I was happy to work with them on cover revisions. We took one of the interior spreads and made a few adjustments and now it's our new cover for Animalogy. It actually wraps around the back which you don't see here. I think it's a stronger cover and hopefully easier to read. Most people still judge a book by its cover, don't you?

The original cover art is now moved to the title page so I'm glad that artwork will still see the light of day.


June said...

I like both covers, but by standing back and half squinting at my screen, I can see that the second one IS clearer. I'm glad the art still made it into the book though :)

Cathy Morrison said...

Hi June,

I think that's pretty much what the publisher did, put all the covers coming out fall 2011 up on a wall, squinted, and this one didn't pop. I'm assuming there was more to it than that but basically that's what it comes down to. I was just glad we had existing art to work with and I didn't have to reinvent the wheel.

Appreciate your comment June!

Anonymous said...

Cathy I had no idea you lived in Colorado! How cool is that? I just love the mountains and the landscape. I lived in Denver for a while as a kid. . .Love your new covers! I had that same problem with one of my books being to busy. I trust Sylvan too. They really are such a great group of people. And I guess the old saying less is more. . .is maybe true for covers. =)

Cathy Morrison said...
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Cathy Morrison said...

Hello Sherry,

I didn't know you used to live in Colorado. It is a fun place to live.

I think you've illustrated more books for SD than anybody else. They all look great but I especially like "Hey Diddle Diddle", your cover wrap art for this fall.