Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Animals for Animalogy

It's way past time for a new post, so here's more illustrations for "Animalogy" by Marianne Berkes.

I'm not posting these in order, nor do I draw them in order. I skip around while illustrating, doing a harder illustration, then an easier one, maybe revising another rough before going to the next color spread, all the while trying to keep the momentum going.

All in all this is a fun project to work on. It's the only picture book I've illustrated where I'm not that concerned about continuity because it's a different animal in a different environment for each page not the same characters continuing throughout the story.

It's so nice having Marianne's sparse, simple verse to illustrate - leaves lots of room for creative interpretation.


Unknown said...

Lovely artwork, I've met Marianne, you're a talented duo. It's fun to be free of continuity issues, doesn't happen often, does it? Best of luck with the book!

Cathy Morrison said...

Hi Loreen,

I hope to meet Marianne one of these days. I've actually got a couple of her books from Dawn Publications so it was exciting to be paired up with her for this project.

Not having to worry about continuity has been nice, for once.

Thanks Loreen!