Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ghost Over Boulder Creek by Elaine Pease

Here's artwork for a cover wrap for a new middle grade novel by Elaine Pease. The publisher, Filter Press is right here in Colorado and they produce some of the best stories for young readers as well as old readers like me. When I received this manuscript I just couldn't put it down - it's stories like this that turn kids into readers.

Here's an endorsement from Cheyenne Chief Gordon Yellowman about the book... "Elaine Pease has written an excellent novel full of ghostly spirits of the past, filled with mystery and Cheyenne trails."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Animalogy by Marianne Berkes

Here's the cover art and a few spreads for a fun new picture book I'm illustrating for Sylvan Dell Publishing. The type is just for placement. It gives me an idea of how the final art might look.

The author is Marianne Berkes and I'm a huge fan of her writing. This book of analogies is for very young kiddos and the way that it's written is so fun and lively, I think they'll love it.

It's a Fall 2011 release and will keep me busy for awhile. I'll continue to post some interior illustrations as I go along.