Saturday, February 6, 2010

Endpapers for a Children's Picture Book

You don't see illustrated endpapers much these days, probably due to budget constraints. But I think it adds some fun and whimsy plus has an old fashioned storybook feeling to it. I'm not one hundred percent finished with the artwork yet but thought I'd take a break and give you a sneak peek.

Definition of endpapers: The plain white, decorated, or printed paper that is at the front and end of a book, one half of which is pasted down to the binding. The endpapers are used to give a finished look to the binding.


McDonnellDoodles said...

Oooh, wow, Cathy. This is beautiful! I think kids will love poring over it. I'm a huge fan of endpapers, myself.

Cathy Morrison said...

Hi Janet, Appreciate your comment very much. That's the plan... for the kids to have fun with it. The map was a lot of fun to illustrate. Maybe I'll add an activity page that's similar for the kids to color and find different things.