Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hard Face Moon Cover Illustration

This illustration is a cover wrap for "Hard Face Moon", by Nancy Oswald and published by Filter Press in Colorado. It's one of the best manuscripts I've read in ages! It really stays with you, like seeing a movie you can't get out of head.

Hides Inside is thirteen winters—old enough to yearn to be a warrior. His brother, Standing Tall, has given him the first lesson, “A Cheyenne does not fight his own people.” Not even when other boys taunt him because he cannot speak.

On a dim night during the season of the hard face moon, Hides Inside witnesses the unprovoked attack on the Cheyenne that came to be known as the Sand Creek Massacre. His determination to join a warrior society is hardened, but will he follow Standing Tall in the ways of peace?

In her second work of historical fiction, Nancy Oswald again turns to the clash of cultures that was an inevitable part of the settling of the American frontier. Her previous novel, Nothing Here But Stones, received a WILLA Award in 2005.

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